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Bud Johnson LLC


Bud Johnson is the inventor and CEO


Bud has lived in Springfield Oregon all his life and raised three sons who have also learned the auto body industry. He completed his education at the University of Oregon, studying business and architecture. Bud has owned multiple collision shops for over 30 years, four years ago he sold out to spend time as an inventor and work his family custom and restoration shop with his sons. 

   Bud was Springfield’s business person of the year in 2005, chaired the chamber of commerce greeters, has been a scout leader for 10 years, Chaired Oregon’s Big Brother/Big Sister program for 7 years and has been a member of Rotary International for 28 years.

   Bud has held multiple patents and is very excited about revolutionizing the way the auto body industry repairs dents with the all new 







The JOHNSON EZ HAMMER is a compact pneumatic hammer with power to remove dents in normally inaccessible panels. The work is done with a variety of hammer attachments to fit each unique repair, a built in regulator allows the user to adjust the level of impact transferred by the hammer.


US & Foreign Patent Pending

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