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Product Reviews

" I just repaired damage on a 69 Super Bee door shell, no room to swing a hammer

 but the EZ hammer fit inside the door shell and knocked out the damage in seconds! 

The more things I use it on the more impressed I am, the door skin tool is amazing, you can

literally hammer a skin on in seconds without a dolly and not damage to the skin!

 I have bought other tools not nearly as good for twice the money. I highly recommend this tool, 

Ryan Killion GYC Grave Yard CarZ metal fab auto body tech."

I use the EZ hammer just about anywhere I can not fit a hammer, wheelhouses, bedsides, above and below tail lights. I have installed several door skins, also it will do the top fold most of the time which used to be really difficult without it, the hammer saves lots of time and I end up with a metal finished new skin every time and I do not have to use a dolly.  Wayne Harlan, 




The ezhammer works and saves time on bedsides, quarter panels, doors and wheel wells. Once you start to use it you wonder how you did with out it. All body techs should have one.

Scott Ostrander, A/ B Specialties 

I have repaired several bed sides using the extension handle,  It really helps make the job a lot easier. It does take some practice, but once you get the hang of it, its the best dent removal tool I have used.  Ron Stephens

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I did a 6.5 hour repair on a Ford truck wheelhouse in an hour with the EZ HAMMER and metal finished with a dolly. I also did a repair on a chevy bedside that I would normally had to cut out and replace below the tail light and it saved me a good 3.0 hours I have also used it on many other repairs, just takes time to get used to using it and not trying the old methods. Troy Hill, body tech 

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